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International Space Agency

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The International Space Agency “ISA” International Space Administration; was formed to act as an “Enabler” and “Conduit” for Peaceful, Cooperative, Collaborative, and Joint Global “International” Civil Space Activities by the Major Space Nations, Developing Space Nations, and In General the Global Space Community; to Plan, Develop, Promote, Encourage, and Increase Overall Cooperation in the Area of Government, Commercial, Scientific, Academic, Private Cooperative Global Space Efforts and Activities, for Strictly Peaceful and Non-Military, Purposes, and to the Common Benefit of the Peoples of Earth.

About the Brand:

The International Space Agency “ISA”, was Founded in 1986 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Incorporated in New York State as a Scientific & Aerospace – Research & Development and Consulting, Not-for-Profit Corporation in 1990, by its Founder, Admiral, Rick R. Dobson, Jr., and had its birthplace at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. The ISA is presently Seeking International Treaty -&- Charter Status by the Global Space Community, by gaining Governmental and Non-Governmental Membership and Signatories to the ISA Charter. The International Space Agency Organization is a strictly non-political and non-ideological organization. The International Space Agency is an American Corporation with an International/Multi-National/Global Mission and Purpose, and is NOT a World Space Agency; and is in NO WAY under the Control Of or Part Of the United Nations. The International Space Agency is NOT an "Affirmative Action Organization", and is a Quality, Standards, Professional, and Equal Opportunity based organization.,which maintains High Personnel Standards and Ethics, with a FOCUS on Total Quality Management "TQM" in ALL ELEMENTS of its Administration, Management, Operations, Research & Development, Technology, Programs, Projects, Missions, and Services.
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