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Dr Alka Skincare and Healthcare

Brand Details

Organization Details:

AR International Holdings Ltd is based in London UK. It holds ownership of one of the most innovative names in skincare clinics. We have developed diagnosis software that helps general doctors and hospitals to make the right diagnosis through AI based software. In addition, we have developed a clinic management system to establish the skin clinics.

About the Brand:

Dr Alka 's brand who has treated over 1 million patients and is one the last hope for millions suffering due to skincare diseases We also developed a Aesthetic Training program which provides certificates from UK Dr Alka has been conferred an International Award for best medical Practices by European Medical Association. Dr Alka's innovative diagnosis software has been accepted and endorsed by the government of UK and she has been nominated for Victoria's medal for her most innovative work in healthcare.
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Beauty, Health & Hygiene

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Personal Care

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Brand Collaborations

We have established our own centres which have been doing well. We have established innovative serums and skincare products under the brand name Everyday Elegance by Dr Alka Skincare and Healthcare

Investment Details

Operation Year

Business Origin United Kingdom

Operations Year 5

Licensee Details

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Training Details

Detailed operating manuals for Licenseing Yes

Is field assistance available for Licenseing ? Yes

Expert guidance from Head Office to Licenseing in opening the franchise Yes

Current IT systems will be included in the Licenseing Yes

Agreement & Term Details

Do you have a standard Licenseing agreement? Yes

How long is the Licenseing term for? Lifetime

Is the term renewable? Yes

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